Sometimes, the need for a holistic approach or the specifics of your documents means that additional services may be required.

SPRACHENWERFT offers the following services alongside its classic service portfolio:

Today, terms such as i18n (internationalisation) and l10n (localisation) are part of business reality for most companies with international potential. However, you don’t need to be a record holder in multilingualism to master these tasks successfully – a strong partner is sufficient. If you communicate with your customers in their own language, it’s much more likely that they will buy your product.

Software development is a visionary task, but sometimes post-development phases such as multilingual publishing are neglected. Potential deficiencies in the program code, for example if Cyrillic or Arabic characters are not supported, can be identified before the product is launched so that potential customer groups abroad are not lost.

We’re flexible when it comes to format. As a rule, your texts are processed in the source format of the delivered files – whether that’s MS Office formats (.doc, .xls, or .ppt for example), system-generated PDF files, HTML and XML documents, or formats used in standard imaging software such as InDesign, Photoshop, FrameMaker or QuarkXPress.

We’re also happy to convert your files into other formats, edit your images and translations, and deliver these back to you ready to print.

We pay attention to every detail when processing your texts, and we take the same meticulous care when it comes to following your requirements.

Many larger companies and a lot of our customers speak their own particular language – be it hip and trendy, Hanseatic and dignified, dry or warm. It’s here that we at SPRACHENWERFT are in our element, and will follow in your wake. If you choose to set the course, we will stick to it rigorously – for this and all subsequent projects.

Or you can choose to hire us as the skipper. Together, and with the help of specialist translators where necessary, we will develop the ideal tone for addressing your customers and help you to define standard terminology, style guides and text guidelines.

Alongside your general corporate language, we’re happy to support you in constructing and expanding your specialist terms, expressions and definitions. These will then be used consistently in all your translations.

Be it a scientific interview, a video conference, or a report from memory: If you need an audio recording put into writing, SPRACHENWERFT offers various services for this.

Verbatim transcription (literal)
Dialects, sighs, pauses and ums … Here, the spoken word is recorded exactly – naturally in a wide range of languages.

Textual transcription (edited)
In correct language, free of errors and without repetitions and all the usual ums. Here, the spoken word is documented as a faithful record – ideal for interviews and academic projects.

Substantial transcription (summarised)
Here, speakers’ statements, conclusions and task allocation are outlined – perfect for meetings, discussions and their subsequent reporting.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions concerning the transcription options outlined above or if you want us to adhere to specific instructions for written recording, including those relating to graphics or colours.

We also offer translation of existing transcriptions and will be happy to adopt the necessary visual template or match the document to your corporate font. Hence, there is no longer any reason for you to spend hours painstakingly typing out audio files yourself. We do it for you – incidentally, with full legal compliance and no requirement to cite our name in any source.

The purchase of new software needs to be carefully considered, not just from a financial point of view, but also in terms of the new or differing processes it can bring with it – especially as these may have an effect not only within the company, but also on the execution of projects with external service providers. Our professionals would be happy to support you during this process and help you develop workflows that are attuned to both your company structure and to the working methods of internal and external staff. Together, we can shape your entry into the world of computer-aided translation and the associated processes.