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Corporate Language

What would Hamburg be without ‘Moin’?

Hamburg simply would not be the same without the word ‘Moin’. This typical Hamburg greeting is indispensable and makes the city what it is. ‘Moin’ is unique, and it makes Hamburg unique. It is part of the city’s corporate language. People identify with language and speak it passionately.

For us, corporate language is the ultimate law

As detail-obsessed as we may be when we edit your text, we are also meticulous when it comes to your specifications.

Many larger businesses, brands and most of our customers speak ‘their own language’. Sometimes it might be cool and casual, at others it may be with a ‘stiff upper lip’. Dry, or florid. SPRACHENWERFT is in its element with precisely these demands and knows what it is doing.
If you have laid out specifications, we will follow them rigorously – for the order in question and all subsequent orders.

Haven’t found the right tone yet?

Bring us on board to guide you. Working together with you and our native translators, we will develop the optimal tone for you to appeal to customers; define terminology specifications and create style manuals and company guidelines. You can rely on proper, professional fulfilment of the communication objectives for your company.

All to make your corporate language unique.

Terminology Management

We are happy to work with you to develop and expand a database containing your subject-specific terminology, expressions and naming. Clearly defined wording, consistent terminology and easily intelligible naming conventions are the foundation of all successful communication. We analyse the quality of your texts’ terminology, identify potential improvements and develop concepts for managing your terms with you.

Frequently asked questions about corporate language

Why is corporate language so important?

Corporate language is so important because it improves the communication between businesses and their customers while letting employees work off the same basis. It is a consistent language that encourages customers to identify with a company and view it positively. Even for employees, having a certain linguistic style and specific wording can result in them identifying with brand values better or more easily. A corporate language gives a company a unique identity.

What does a corporate language involve?

A corporate language is more than just language. It is a means of communication that connects companies, customers and their employees with each other. It incorporates the day-to-day language that is spoken at a business as well as its written communication and gesticulation. It also integrates specific terms and wording that make the target audience and employees feel positive.
A corporate language is the vessel that transports brand values and credibility into harbour and positions them correctly.