April 2022


How often have we heard that lately?
But for once, this isn’t about the pandemic; rather – imagine a loud drum roll at this point – it’s about the proof that from 31 March 2022 SPRACHENWERFT is certified according to DIN EN ISO 17100.

We are delighted (and also just a little bit proud) to announce that we are now able to meet the more exacting demands of many customers with immediate effect.
The road to certification was a tense process that has sharpened our senses and strengthened our conviction that what we do and the way we do it is good. And that’s now official: This certificate is rather like the finishing touch or the icing on the cake – you get the idea.

And yes – of course you can see our certificate!

Even if it doesn’t open any doors to this or that institution, within our service industry it is an important document providing proof that we meet globally applicable requirements. Your demands therefore may, can and should be high!

If you wish to learn more about this topic, feel free to get in touch at any time.