The only thing greater than the number of foreign languages we offer is our customers and partners’ variety of sectors, specialist areas and thematic focal points.

From medical and legal texts to annual reports, catalogues, brochures and technical documentation, through to brand slogans and posters: your requirements and orders with international target groups are as diverse as the colourful hustle and bustle of the containers and ships passing by our office windows.

Our network of more than 900 specialist native translators and proofreaders offers competence and expertise for translations and proofreads in the following sectors and areas:


Trade and industry Measurement, control and regulation technology Annual reports
Transport and logistics Economics and finance
Consumer goods and food industry Aerospace industry Banking and insurance
Mechanical, plant and equipment engineering Medical and laboratory technology Law and contracts
Automotive and supply industry Chemical industry
Structural and civil engineering Pharmaceutical industry Tourism
Electronics and electrical engineering
Scientific publications Human resources
Telecommunications Research and teaching Press, PR and marketing
Information technology Politics and migration studies Catalogues and brochures