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Specialist translations

With a network of more than 900 professional native speakers translating in all fields, we do more than help you present your financial reports, manuals, technical instructions, websites, contracts, catalogues and presentations in the right light. We also help render them according to your reader’s linguistic and cultural understanding – all while meeting your and our quality standards, of course.

We only partner with native speakers who are intimately acquainted with the relevant subject area and the industry.

Individual specialist translations into various languages

With a Premium translation, a carefully chosen specialist translator translates your text into your desired target language. He or she takes cultural factors into account as well as any stylistic requirements or corporate terminology that you may have.

This consists of the Premium option, however the translation is then additionally revised by a further specialist translator. The translation therefore complies with the DIN EN ISO 17100 quality standard (revision by a second person).

This option, which is also known as adaptation, is the ideal solution when the task is to adapt text for marketing or very free wording.

Wordplay in connection with a brand statement about a product is often very difficult to translate to different languages, countries and cultures. In these situations, it is important to give the translator a bit of creative licence to come up with a solution. That is why when we translate marketing documents or advertising slogans for you, we provide a variety of suggestions and explanations for each of them. This lets you always have different options and make the final decision yourself.

Benefits of ISO-Compliant Specialist Translations

As a translation service provider with ISO 17100 certification, we also offer high-quality specialist translations that have been revised by a second person. This means that our specialist translators’ deep industry expertise is delivered with linguistic content and expression of the best quality.

In addition to ISO certification, specialist translations from SPRACHENWERFT offer other benefits, too:

  • The translator’s subject expertise means that he or she will know the right wording for the target audience, making the message sound professional
  • Specialised text is translated with accuracy by native speakers in a way that leads to no misunderstandings
  • We use the target country’s typical tone for the relevant subject areas in order to speak to the readers directly
  • Thanks to our experts in a wide variety of fields, you can focus on your company’s core competencies instead of responding to constant questions about the text

Frequently asked Questions about specialist Translations

What subject areas do you offer?

From French medical documents to legal documents in Spanish as well as financial reports, catalogues, brochures and technical documentation or brand slogans and posters, your needs and business with international target audiences are as varied as the colourful shipping containers and incoming vessels across from our office.

How does a specialist translation work?

When creating a specialist translation, the task is not so much to translate the content word for word. Rather, it is more about striking the right tone for the target audience and using the terminology within the industries and subject areas. This demands background knowledge and creativity.

The first thing we do is select a suitable native speaker with the right subject expertise. He or she then translates based on the service that has been ordered. Lastly, there is a final check (verification) by our translation company before the high-quality specialist translation is delivered to you.

Is there quality assurance for specialist translations?

Alongside ISO 17100 certification and the engagement of native speakers, our translation company uses typical industry CAT tools such as Trados Studio, memoQ and Transit to ensure that all translations use the same, consistent wording continually.