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Transcription service

Whether a scientific interview, videoconference or other types of spoken communication, we can provide professional audio transcriptions of your recordings for you. As an experienced service provider, we are familiar with our clients’ needs and transport the content of your recordings to a written document carefully and precisely. We take care to structure it clearly and format it legibly, which means that you can navigate your recording with ease. We are also happy to incorporate special requests, for example when mentioning people or places, and translate your recordings to another language. If you would like to have an audio recording transcribed, SPRACHENWERFT offers a range of services for this:

Verbatim transcription

Dialects, sighs, pauses, umming and ahing: this sort of transcription includes everything in exact detail – and naturally in a wide range of languages. The high quality and reliability of our linguists ensure that a verbatim transcription of your recordings is available in the shortest time possible, including for translation from spoken language to other languages. You receive each individual word transcribed.

Intelligent Transcription

High German (or the King’s English), error-free and without any tautologies or needless umming. With this service, the spoken word is documented true to the recording – making it ideal for interviews and academic work. The written expression is clear and tidy.

For interviews or quotes, we make a change of speaker clearly recognisable.

Edited Transcription

This option conveys the substantial messages of what the people are saying, the decisions that are made and the tasks that are distributed, making it perfect for meetings, discussions and the minutes that accompany them.

There is no unnecessary repetition, so the text comes across as pleasantly short and concise. The main advantage of a concentrated, edited transcription is that the text is very clear and intelligible. You can easily concentrate on the essentials and filter down to the most important messages.

Individual Transcription

Feel free to speak with us if you have questions about the above transcription options or would like us to adhere to your special transcription specifications, e.g. for graphics or colours.

There is no reason why you have to keep on spending hours typing out audio files yourself. We will take care of that for you.

Frequently asked questions about our transcription service

How do you deliver transcriptions?

We provide transcriptions in the format of your choice. You receive the files digitally.

Do you transcribe subtitles for videos, too?

SPRACHENWERFT transcribes subtitles as well. This means you can be sure that each word in your YouTube video or film will be understood correctly, especially if the speech in your video is accented or unclear.

Can you also translate transcriptions directly?

We can also translate existing transcriptions. We are also happy to use your visual templates or align them with your organisation’s in-house style. On top of that, we can transcribe text in a language different to the one being spoken.