Imagine having access to more than 150 languages – when you dock with us, that’s exactly what we can provide you with, anytime.

Did you particularly like a translation?
No problem – if you prefer we can ensure that your texts are always translated by the same person.

With a network of more than 900 professional native translators covering all subject areas, not only do we support you in presenting your company reports, manuals, technical guides, websites, contracts, catalogues and presentations in the best possible light, we also help you adapt them to suit the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of your readers. And of course, we always take your quality standards into account, along with our own. Depending on the individual purpose of your translation, here at SPRACHENWERFT we offer you three options to choose from:


Our specialised and experienced translators, who live in a country where the target language is spoken, process your text carefully and individually – always using defined terminology such as corporate language or trademarks where specified.


In addition to the Premium service, a further specialised translator proofreads the resulting target language text. As such, this option (using the four-eye principle) fulfils the requirements of the quality standard DIN EN 15038.


This option, also known as adapted translation, is the ideal solution for adapting creative and advertising texts more freely. Puns and product brand statements often only function to a limited extent when transferred into another language, country and culture.

Our use of all the standard CAT tools (such as Trados, MemoQ and Transit) further ensures that your translations are delivered with consistent and continuous wording.

A list of all our languages covered is available to view or download