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Translation company in Hamburg

Arrr, me hearties!

Idioms and local turns of phrase make a translated text an authentic text. For this reason, we at SPRACHENWERFT work solely with native translators.

Translating a text can be compared with navigating a ship to port: it is individual, it is targeted and it has no margin for error. Each text brings its own peculiarities and circumstances, which is why no translation is like the other.

Sprachenwerft – your translation company in Hamburg

Our translation company in Hamburg is an experienced service provider in this industry. We have qualified team members who work quickly and reliably. Similarly, we are proud of our many years of experience, our clients’ positive feedback and our high quality. We translate documents of any kind for you, from financial reports to press releases and contracts as well as technical documentation. We are of course also there for you if you wish to translate your website or software. If you need a certified or sworn translator, you can rely on us as well. We would be delighted to be of help to you and your company for all of your translation projects!

Sprachenwerft specialises in the following translation services:

We speak more than just Hamburg dialect!

Hamburg is SPRACHENWERFT’s home. That much is clear. Thanks to the city’s port, though, we can access many different places around the world and speak different languages, too. Our translation company’s language portfolio is diverse, just like the characters who live in Hamburg itself.

As a translation company, we attach great value to the quality of our language services. For this reason, we work solely with native speakers who not only master their language perfectly, but are also familiar with the culture and mentality of your target country. That is how we always provide you with the best translation possible.

Do you only offer translations locally in Hamburg?

No, we offer our translation services globally. Most of our professional translators work remotely. However, we are also happy to invite you for coffee in our office in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg if you would prefer to speak face to face.

Can you provide interpreters as well?

No. Sprachenwerft’s expertise is in translating and adapting texts. We do not engage any interpreters for the direct translation of the spoken word.

In what subject areas do you offer specialist translations?

As a specialist translation service, we offer subject-specific translations in a variety of language pairs.

Can the translation service also be combined with other services?

We are happy to combine our translation service with editing, a conversion to the graphic format of your choice (desktop publishing), transcription or use as part of localisation.