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Proofreading & Editing

Accuracy is king!

When text is going to be published, a final proofreading or edit is essential.

As we say in Hamburg, ‘What has to be done, has to be done.’

Accordingly, editing and proofreading of German and foreign-language texts are key aspects of the services provided by SPRACHENWERFT.

We offer editing of your texts in their source language, either in conjunction with a translation or independently of a translation.

Once we have taken a look at your documents and requirements, we can quickly determine which of our services is the most suitable for your project and company.

You have a choice between the following four options for this:


Proofreading concentrates on spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as typography and hyphenation. If you want these aspects of your text to be reviewed professionally, proofreading is the right choice for you.


In addition to the elements of the proofreading service, the style and intelligibility of your text are checked along with its logical accuracy and good legibility. What’s more, copy-editing involves inspecting line breaks, the DTP layout and typography in detail, examining the citations and plausibility of data and facts and checking URLs and QR codes.


This service compares existing translations against the original source text to check if the content is the same, if the message needs to be adapted culturally and if the translation is complete. The effort required for this can of course vary strongly depending on the focus or subject area. We would be happy to prepare you an individual, non-binding quotation for cross-checks of translations against source texts.


Post-DTP proofreading comprises two steps: copy-editing and proofreading. Copy-editing involves checking the text’s style, legibility, logical accuracy and so on. It is followed directly by proofreading with a focus on orthography, grammar and punctuation. Doing this ensures that the text is in top shape prior to publication.

On top of that, we can offer to review your text even more deeply. Starting with the accuracy of page numbers, sources, references and links, we can also incorporate your corporate language and your specific subject terminology. Conversely, we can also help you create glossaries and style manuals thanks to our expertise in this field.


Marketing is corporate communication between customers and companies. It is a business’s representation of itself to the outside world. This makes it particularly important that the content of your marketing is accurate. We are happy to review and assure the quality of your marketing materials so that they suit your corporate language while appealing to your target audience appropriately. Editing marketing copy involves much more than finding typos. Ultimately, it is about conveying the message of the marketing material correctly.

We are happy to edit the following materials as part of marketing copy-editing:

  • Brochures, flyers, catalogues and magazines
  • Press releases and announcements
  • Employee and customer magazines as well as communications for employees
  • Websites, corporate profiles and blog posts
  • Newsletters and automated email sequences
  • Banners and posters

We are also happy to edit your financial reports.

Frequently asked questions about editing & proofreading

How do you deliver revised texts?

We can implement all corrections and revisions in an electronic format with tracked changes (e.g. in Microsoft Word or other common file formats). If desired, we can also provide them in the form of handwritten notes according to the official corrections schema.

Can you proofread smaller texts such as marketing texts, too?

We are happy to proofread shorter texts for you as well. Send a non-binding enquiry and we can settle all the details.

Does SPRACHENWERFT also offer editing for books?

Books cannot be corrected easily after they have gone into print. Prior proofreading and editing are therefore essential. At SPRACHENWERFT, we edit manuscripts, too.